IMMORTAL contains NMN and Resveratrol, which has been scientifically backed to boost cellular vitality, rejuvenate skin, improve circulation, and help reverse the effects of aging by increasing NAD+.


Immortal NMN and resveratrol benefits infographic

Recent Harvard research studies from top anti-aging scientists have shown that when NMN and Resveratrol are used synergistically, the body is able to reap optimal longevity benefits by targeting the aging process at a cellular level. [1

Aging is the root cause of many diseases. As someone ages, they increase the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and the list goes on. If the detriments of aging are addressed, then all other diseases that come with it are addressed as well.

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a derivative of vitamin B3 and is a compound found in our bodies and is present in various food sources such as edamame, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, avocados, and tomatoes. NMN is a precursor and potent NAD+ booster. [2]

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is an essential compound that is necessary for the production of energy in the body and the regulation of vital cellular processes. Scientists have now confirmed a direct link between decreasing NAD+ levels and aging in both humans and animals. 

People can increase NAD+ levels from their diet via foods made up of amino acids that are precursors to NAD+. However, this is not sufficient enough for optimal benefits. With precursors such as NMN, NAD+ levels can be sufficiently maintained and increased. [3]

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that has been discovered to promote longevity and have anti-aging benefits. Longevity genes are activated by Resveratrol and are able to work at an enhanced level. Resveratrol is present in sources such as red wine, grapes, and berries.[4] [5]

Sirtuins are the longevity-genes shown to be active during caloric restriction and life-extension in humans and animals. NMN and Resveratrol stimulate sirtuin activity which can reverse and prevent effects of age-related complications. [6]


      • Boost Immunity - NAD+ reduces inflammation and is used for immune response.
      • Promotes Healthy Brain and Cardiovascular Function.
      • Improve Sleep Quality - Circadian rhythm is regulated by NAD+ and helps maintain homeostasis and quality sleep.
      • Anti-Aging DNA Repair - NAD+ is used to repair broken DNA strands.
      • Increased Athletic Performance and Energy.
      • Rejuvenated Skin - Activated longevity genes improve skin appearance.
      • Increased Energy Metabolism - NAD+ helps to break down nutrients into energy.
      • Stimulates Mitochondrial Biogenesis - Creation of new mitochondria in the cell. 
      • Promote Longevity – Activated longevity genes can extend lifespan.



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